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Sparbanken Syd

Various offices

Project: Shameless Creative


2013 – ongoing


Skåne, Sweden


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Concept Design


Interior Design

Spatial planning

Furniture Design

Environmental branding


02_Sparbanken Syd

Sparbanken Syd is Sweden’s oldest ‘sparbank’. For almost 200 years, it has been part of the southern Swedish bank market

The brief was to develop a new brand & interior concept based on Sparbanken Syd’s existing logo and graphic colours.

The new concept had to strengthen and translate the existing brand both for customers and employees. It called for a new colour palette & design aesthetic as well as new architectural solutions, graphic treatment, interior details and furniture, material & products to fulfil functional as well as conceptual requirements.

A new type of bank premise was created in the ‘Studio’ building near Malmo Central Station (‘Studio’ opened in late 2016). It’s an office where customers can get consulting, but the main request was to make it a diverse meeting place.


You enter into a living room/library space where anyone can pop in to read a book and grab a cup of coffee without actually having any affiliation with Sparbanken Syd.

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