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Office & TV Studio

Foxtel Campus

North Ryde

Project: PCG




Sydney, Australia


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Concept Design


Interior Design

Spatial Planning

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Environmental Branding


Nickelodeon knows what it means to be orange

The colour is their motto in the converted warehouse fit-out for the children’s channel. An environment where grown-ups work and children come to play looks like no other office you have seen.

To fit with Nickelodeon’s brand, we converted an old warehouse into their new Sydney offices & TV Studio. The more than 7-metre tall space was given a partial mezzanine, where all the support spaces were housed. The workstations were placed in the open, full-height space. Through a human-sized enclosed orange slide, you can drop from the mezzanine into the ‘slime room’ – a green room & studio where kids can play, watch Nick TV and use a range of games, i.e. Wii, Playstation & Nintendo. Green slime drips down columns throughout the office, and in the reception, large framed photos of famous ‘Nick stars’ & characters from their shows cover the walls.

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