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Sparbanken Öresund

HQ, Malmö & local offices Skåne



Struktur / Shameless Creative


2010 – 2013


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Spatial Planning

Concept Design


Interior Design

Furniture Design

Environmental Branding



The project came about when two banks merged and created a new bank concept called Sparbanken Öresund, with its HQ in Malmö

The new bank created an opportunity to influence change within the workplace by fostering a more open culture through increased flexibility and improved internal synergies. Developing a concept to support this cultural change and emphasise the new brand was important. The new HQ should stimulate and inspire information sharing, innovation, knowledge and learning. Long-term  flexibility was key, as well as enhanced staff commitment and increased competitiveness & profitability.


Moving away from a traditional work environment of enclosed cellular spaces, Sparbanken Öresund went as far as giving every employee, independent of position, the same size & configuration open plan workstation. Offices were discarded in favour of smaller collaborative open plan-spaces with adjacent support spaces.

Employees were given a large break-out room divided into a more formal dining and lounge area for socialising. Plants were liberally designed into the office with a large 4-sided green plant wall greeting visitors in the reception. Another space dedicated to plants was a double-height atrium called “The Jungle”, an informal meeting space filled with various lounge furniture and trees.

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