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Thule Group HQ

Gamla Strumpfabriken

Project: Struktur


2010 – 2011


Malmö, Sweden


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Interior Design

Concept Design

Spatial Planning

Furniture Design

Environmental Branding



For Swedish global lifestyle company Thule Group, it is all about making it easy for people to enjoy an active life

Their motto, “Active Life, Simplified”, captures the spirit of the company. Thule Group needed help relocating and creating a new world HQ in Malmö, Sweden.

The brief was to create new premises fitting their company philosophy and various brands. On the ground floor we also built a ‘Thule Concept store’.


Successful branding was key from the outset; Signage and design details had to fit in & support the brand. Nothing was left to chance from magazine racks to kitchen knives. 

All signage was created for effect & simplicity. Double-sided plant walls on wheels made for flexible greenery & acoustic screening.


​The entry/exhibition space was designed to work in conjunction with the auditorium in a fully flexible way. The auditoriums moveable block walls were foiled with large-scale graphic prints of product sketches.

Products and materials were selected for their longevity and sustainability. The old warehouse premises were given a modern treatment with open ceilings, exposed services, and a polished concrete floor throughout the open areas. The furniture was chosen for its multiple ergonomic functions, quality & great design, like the “Emeco 111 Navy chair”, recycled from 111 Coca Cola bottles.


Warehouse-style fittings & industrial spotlights supplied the main light and decorative lighting of metal & glass were added to give ambience. All lighting and audio were divided into specific zones, for flexibility & optimal performance, resulting in a functional, modern office in an old factory space.

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