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Flowers For Everyone

Macquarie Centre,

Warringah Mall,

Lane Cove & more

Project: Citrus, Sydney


Sydney, Australia




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Master Plan

Spatial Planning

Concept Design

Interior Design



The client wanted to build a franchise of roll-out shops and kiosks around Australia with their new brand ‘Flowers For Everyone’ 

Their concept was to make flowers accessible and affordable to all people; It should be possible for people to enjoy flowers every day.


They had the then quite unique idea of colour-coding the flowers on display and providing a variety of different coloured papers for wrapping.


The concept design was intentionally created to easily translate into shops and kiosks of varying size and layout. The material palette selected was simple enough to let the flowers stand out; soft brown stone, concrete, rich timbers, bronze and pale greens. The joinery display- and workbenches were designed to store away and keep tidy all equipment, paper rolls, ribbons and tools.

Graphics and signage by Elemental Graphics.

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