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Design Aesthetics

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Create a design language

Design requires an aesthetic awareness and should be an integration of form and function, where function leads the way for a clearly defined idea to push the boundaries.

Consistency is key

Simplicity is the path to great design. It allows the ideas to form at the core of the project and develop into a strong design language that can easily be expanded upon. Be consistent in your thinking – it will give you strength. 

Keep things tight and tidy

Structure and organization will help you reach your goal with your ideas intact, by nourishing the design process, giving it space to breathe. Less is more – a well-worn expression worth gold.

Endeavour to be open

Unrealistic expectations should be kept at bay by vigorous communication between designer and client throughout the project. An exchange of ideas and views is paramount to a successful partnership.

Remember who you are

The client’s identity should be at the core of the project and radiate through the ideas to be supported by the overall design. A strong design should maintain who the client is; It is all too easy to be swayed by fashion and frolics.



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