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2nd Road HQ


Project: PCG




Sydney, Australia


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Master Plan

Change Management

Spatial Planning

Concept Design


Interior Design

Furniture Design

Environmental Branding



2nd Road is an Australian company that sets itself apart from the conventional way of working

A strategic innovation consultancy with a powerful toolkit that turns the mystery of right-brain thinking into accessible methodologies.

Their strategies meant that they needed quite an unusual space for their new headquarters in Sydney.

An initial ‘brainstorming-design-session’ gave valuable insight to proceed with a master plan, followed by a design concept that evolved into the finished idea in a truly interesting project with a very short time frame (less than 6 months from start to finish).


​The building with its triangle shaped window niches and central core posed some interesting space planning challenges. 2nd Road wanted a lively, unconventional space where the clients would feel like they were entering a home.


From the lift, visitors move into a large living room with a custom-designed oval timber bookshelf and a green plant wall.

The client wanted lots of colour and geometric shapes to express their artistry & creativity.


Writing and drawing on vertical surfaces is key to how 2nd Road work. This resulted in an intricate design of curved whiteboard walls and custom-made fixtures for pivoting and sliding writing panels that could create rooms-in-rooms in a variety of ways. The triangular window niches became review spaces, project areas, open meeting spaces and offices. A large lunchroom was positioned in one corner of the building with a fantastic view over Chatswood.

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