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Pink Head Noodle Bar

Asian Noodle Restaurant

Project: Shameless Creative




Malmö, Sweden


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Concept Design

Interior Design

Furniture Design

Kitchen Design

Environmental Branding

Project Management


Loved Noodle Bar transforms into restaurant

Pink Head Noodle Bar at Malmö Saluhall had outgrown its bar space and needed to find a proper restaurant for its hand-crafted Asian-flavoured dishes.


The owner wanted a light Japanese wood-look, so the walls were covered with plywood and the joinery was made from Ash & plywood.

Bare walls & columns were painted in a warm grey tonality.


Individual booths for sole eaters were mixed with 2-3 people ‘love booths’, bar seating and traditional tables & chairs.

The design was crowned by a large plant wall and light fixtures made from natural blond wood.


A large ‘Noodle Bar’ neon sign on transparent acrylic sits in the window clearly visible from the street outside.

The Maneko Neki (luck-bringing) cats found a new home waving to customers as they walk through the front door.

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