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Pink Head HQ

Asian Restaurant

Project: Shameless Creative




Malmö, Sweden


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Concept Design

Interior Design

Furniture Design

Kitchen Design

Environmental Branding

Project Management


Being of Australian origin, the owner wanted to create a ‘sort-of-Asian’ restaurant in the heart of Malmö

The space that Pink Head HQ took over needed a total overhaul. We removed all wall cladding to expose the beautiful original brick. A dark smokey blue colour was selected for the built walls.

A new kitchen and ventilation system were installed, and a walk-in cool room built in the back yard, where an outdoors ‘oasis’ was created in the form of a terrace framed by wooden slat walls.


The front room transformed into a bar-dining area with higher tables and a custom-built oak bar with brass detailing. Brass was also used for custom-designed ‘Fan’ wall light fittings.

The restaurant became easily recognizable through the use of large custom light pendants in red glass in the front windows and a red ‘Pink Head HQ’ neon sign on a brick wall next to the bar.

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